Project Background
SAWIT has supported much work in the past 5 years to issues related to primary health care in the wine sector.

SAWIT has questioned the types of interventions and focused approaches to various social, environmental and human ailments that often exist within a farming community. Given that the Wine Transformation Charter also has as a key element the focus on the quality of life of the farming community and asks for more Corporate Social Investments to be made in creating healthy communities, SAWIT should, generate a range of creative mechanisms and solutions that can be supported by farmers in extending their CSI programmes whilst empowering community health.

Project Strategy
The project would be approached through a participatory action research methodology, stimulating & piloting alternatives to inform a more holistic approach to community health and wellness in collaboration with the Centre for Rural Legal Studies and the University of the Western Cape. Three sites have potentially been identified:

•    Elgin (joint)
•    Molteno

Utilising these three studies, an identification of all dimensions that affect the health of farm communities will be made, and the current status quo analysed. Broad holistic indicators will be defined against which an optimal and appropriate benchmark can be set so as to guide commercial farming enterprises. These will inform the key outcome, which is to provide an innovative model for creating, operationalising, and managing a holistic primary health strategy that farming enterprises can adopt in meeting their Wine Transformation Charter goals and building a healthy farm community.

Primary Outcomes
•    To promote primary health care and community well-being in 3 beneficiary farming communities;
•    Inform a Work-based HIV/AIDS Policy;
•    Define and provide Industry with strategies that speak to the Wine Transformation Charter and offer implementable Corporate Social Investment options that introduce a holistic approach to community wellness.

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